The NIAID/NIH Funding Massacre in Two Figures

So NIAID–the institute of NIH that funds things like research into MRSA and carbapenem resistant bacteria, not to mention a lot of that groovy microbiome stuff–released its funding paylines. The good news is that the funding rate is higher than the earlier estimate of six percent. The bad news? Well, I did promise you a couple of figures:


Eight percent. One in twelve. And keep in mind, that the funding environment has already winnowed many of the poor grant writers. A funding rate this low means that the majority of strong proposals are being rejected. Anything actually innovative will most likely get dinged enough such that it won’t be funded either–did I mention an eight percent funding rate? Which brings us to sunny figure number two:


Still not as hard as getting into Harvard though. Easy peasy.

This is a fucking disaster–and forget future effects, scientists–and Science–are getting clobbered now.

This isn’t even on the radar screen politically (which is partly scientists’ fault, by the way). And as far as I can tell, NIH doesn’t have a clue about what to do except to keep doing more of the same (Cliff coming! Pedal faster!).


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