Links 4/2/13

Links for you. Science:

10 Dinosaur Myths That Need To Go Extinct
Searching for Functional Noncoding Variation
The inevitability of eugenics…as preventative health
Open access: The true cost of science publishing. Cheap open-access journals raise questions about the value publishers add for their money.
Scientists and Public School Teachers Team Up to Transform Science Education


Not Fun to Visit, and You Wouldn’t Want to Live There. But the Taxes Are Low!
Mark Kleiman on why we need to solve our alcohol problem to solve our crime problem (excellent)
Why So Many Jobs Are Crappy
Corporations Are Robbing Us Of Our Right to a Fair Trial: If you’ve been gouged by your bank, discriminated against, sexually harassed, unfairly fired, you’ll most likely find that you’re barred from the courthouse door (FREEDOM!)
Acknowledging Our Mistakes in Iraq Would Prevent Us from Repeating Them
The GOP’s fiscal farce
The Rewards of Being Very Serious
Course Load: The Growing Burden of College Fees
The swamps of DSGE despair
The Real Reason Public Opinion Doesn’t Work
It’s Not Just the Internet. It Never Has Been.
New Study Exposes How Natural Gas Isn’t the Clean Fossil Fuel It’s Hyped up to Be

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