Links 4/17/12

Links for you. Science:

Cheerleading for Monsanto? The Shocking Lack of Difference Between Oxford University Press and Fox News
Non-O157 E. coli in Beef – How does FSIS justify it?
A Necessary Weevil – Collecting in Southern China, April 2012
FDA criticized for food illness probes, secrecy


Research Reveals Ancient Struggle over Holy Land Supremacy: The Jews had significant competition in antiquity when it came to worshipping God. Archeologists have discovered a second great temple not far from Jerusalem that predates its better known cousin. It belonged to the Samaritans, and may have been edited out of the Bible once the rivalry had been decided. (absolutely fascinating)
No One Called Me a Slut
Gateway Sexual Activity on Your Wedding Night
Academic Racists Make Mainstream Inroads
Abstinence isn’t working: Teen births are down, thanks to contraception use. Why does the right ignore the facts and insist it’s abstinence?
Power and Evil
Do Republicans realize they’ve just called for the repeal of welfare reform?
The War on Women Voting
WANKER OF THE DECADE – 2nd Runner Up: Andrew Sullivan
The New Nobles
Jonathan Franzen: Comma-Then
WANKER OF THE DECADE – 1st Runner Up: Fred Hiatt (I thought he would be the wanker of the decade)
On Why I Left the Academy
The War on Public Sector Workers
The centrist dodge

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