Nubian Goats Have Very Poor Manners

You shouldn’t chew with your mouth open:

They are kind of cute though.

From the National Zoo.

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  1. joemac53 says:

    I got a horse to live in my backyard (looong story for another time). My horsey consultants told me that a single horse was a bad idea and that in lieu of another horse, goats were good companions and didn’t eat that much. Besides, someone would give me two goats for free. So I got two monster-sized goats, not little cuties, but 150 pound killers. For free. I did not know what to expect, but the first time I turned my back, the larger one lined me up and butted me in the hip so hard I wanted to cry. I chased that goat around the paddock, tackled it, put it in a headlock and attempted to explain that I was the boss of the barnyard. Stupid goat never accepted that proposition and was a pain in my ass until I gave it away to the next unsuspecting victim.

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