Links 3/10/12

Links for you. Science:

Why Outsourcing Science May Be The Best Hope for Its Future (interesting, but more complex than that. It will come down to relative costs: DIY learning curve and costs, versus outsourcing costs)
The Prozac Yogurt Effect: How Hype Can Affect the Future of Science
Why does Myrmecos Blog have it out for E. O. Wilson? (old, but interesting and still relevant)
Overselling the connectome


Lumps of Labor
The fundamental question for the left
Romney the Bizarrely Anti-Base Candidate
Buy-and-Hold Can’t Die
The End of Health Insurance as We know It?
A Challenge to Rush: Prove Your Ratings
Just An Idea: Maybe Your Moderates Could Try Being Moderate
And you decked some fucking blackshirt
Lavatory and Liberty
Power Mad DA Charges Berkeley Professor & Students Beaten by UC Police. (you made me hit you? WTF?)
Yes, you are a bad person
House GOP calls for turning macroeconomic policy over to a cabal of unelected bankers, with instructions to ignore the jobless (this is not hyperbole. Really)
Why Should Anti-Choice and Anti-Gay Groups Have More Right to Boycott and Picket Than Unions?
Not Even a Fig Leaf: The Blatant Self-Dealing of Chairman McKeon

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