The GOP Has Not Become (More) Stupid, Just Unconstrained

There has been some surprise that the Republicans and movement conservatives let themselves get dragged down by the whole contraception ‘controversy’*. But this shouldn’t have come as a shock at all: the Republicans have never been especially clever. Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, or, yes, Rush Limbaugh are not subtle. What they are is utterly unconstrained by what most people consider appropriate.

Imagine you’re walking down the street, and some guy punches you in the face and takes your wallet. Suppose the next time you see him, he does the exact same thing. So the third time you see him, you might want to do something. Cross the street. Call the cops. Or perhaps do unto him before he does unto you.

Regardless of your choice in strategy, I don’t think anyone would consider the strategy of punching people in the face and stealing their wallets to be the sign of a criminal mastermind. It’s actually a pretty stupid strategy, unless people don’t do something about it. Then it works like gangbusters. This strategy, such as it is, does require a certain willingness to do something awful (actually, two somethings, the violence and the theft). Most people thankfully wouldn’t do this.

In other words, the whole birth control idiocy is par for the course for Limbaugh et alia. It’s just that it’s so obviously mean-spirited and stupid–most women have used birth control (and their partners are often thankful for that)–that there’s no ignoring it. It hit too many people too close to home. But in terms of the viciousness, and in this case the misogyny, it’s not any different than what Limbaugh or any of the other component of the Mighty Conservative Wurlitzer have been playing for the last two decades (or longer).

It’s just this time enough people finally are doing something about it.

*The need for contraception is no more controversial than evolution, which is to say, not at all.

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6 Responses to The GOP Has Not Become (More) Stupid, Just Unconstrained

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  2. BioBob says:

    Strawman, Mike

    This tempest in a teapot was never about contraception except in the wetdreams of those attempting to frame the incident for supposed political advantage. It was and is about out of control federalism, so called appeals to civility, and media/political balance in framing the argument.

    I am afraid that in opening Pandora’s box (innuendo intentional) the Chicago democratic machine may have shrieked “lady-parts” to it’s detriment as the concerted blowback attack on misogynist Bill Marher and his million dollar donation demonstrates.

    It’s certain that the entire episode has left a bad taste in the mouth of the entire body politic just as all of the other organizer-in-chief’s appeals to hate. He has “behaved stupidly”, as usual.

    • ben says:

      Yeah, dude, it has nothing to do with women which is why Rush framed it as “those sluts fucking on OUR DIME so we should be able to see it on th internet!!”

    • ben says:

      The argument of “It’s about an overreach hy the federal government!!” is bullshit too because it is about women regardless of their reasons because any attempt to stop women from receiving birth control is an assault on a woman’s perogative with regard to childbirth. You want to talk about overreach? Fuck you and you semantic wanking.

    • So that’s why Limbaugh referred to her as a slut? And this has nothing to do with federalism, but whether a private employer, when providing you healthcare as compensation, can decide what healthcare you will receive: if your employer can control your healthcare portion of your salary, why not your monetary part or your 401k?).

      This was never about out-of-control federalism or some other bullshit libertarian blather, but that conservatives don’t want to admit that many of them are opposed to birth control, so they–as they so often do–distort language.

      Finally, let’s remember what this is all about: a woman who wanted to testify, not on behalf of ‘slutty sex’, but the need for hormonal therapy to treat a dangerous cyst. And the right wing commentariat still went straight to slut.

      If there is a bad taste, it is conservatives who are responsible for it. People like birth control. Get over it.

      • ben says:

        Hey, whoa, try being civil, it’s just women we are talking about here, not something important.

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