Links 3/9/12

Links for you. Science:

Nine ways scientists can help improve science journalism
Funding uncertainty strands Spain’s young scientists
Mass. teams help reduce spread of often fatal germ
If a deaf person is born deaf, what language do they think in?


On Becoming One With the Darkness (must read)
The Value Added Teacher Model Sucks (must read)
…Even the Police Began to Sit Up and Take Notice (Amen selah: after being called ‘traitor’ by Frum, why the fuck should I care what he thinks)
Students Eating “Pink Slime” for Lunch? Fast Foods Have Ditched the “Meat” But Schools Are Still Stuck With It (my take on it from two years ago still remains one of my most read posts. Internets are weird)
A democratic case for Rick Santorum (excellent point)
In Which I Am Won Over By Paul Krugman
How Republicans completely misjudged this
98% Mass. Health Coverage ‘As Good As It Gets’ — Or Is It?
Wall Street’s Broken Windows
Ethical Conduct for Economists? (seems more lack-of-rigor and less ethical failings?)
Is the Economy Really Taking Off Enough to Pivot to Deficit Reduction? (No!)
How Ayn Rand became the new right’s version of Marx

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