Precocious Progressive Bloggers and Economic Class

Admittedly, the full-throttled theocratic batshitloonitarianism on display during the Republican Krazy Klown Kar Circus presidential primary is quite a distraction, but one thing I’ve noticed, especially in the response last year to Occupy Wall Street, is that the precocious progressive bloggers really aren’t helping. They are doing well for themselves, but they’re still not getting it–it’s the same old neo-liberalist* progressivism that really is out of touch with Americans who haven’t been educated at elite institutions.

Mike Elk notes that, despite the rise of progressive bloggers in the media, workers voices still aren’t being heard. Worse, progressive bloggers, who supposedly are the representatives of the left (or what passes for it these days), don’t even bother to workers–and why would they: they don’t know very many.

Elk with the jab (boldface mine):

Like Klein, Yglesias has written on a wide range of healthcare, economic and foreign issues, despite not having done in-depth field reporting on these topics. Their stories are often centered on the debates of the day between other journalists and policy elites, and they don’t talk to workers or the general public

Or take another post by Yglesias titled “Bus Drivers Should Be Paid What It Costs to Hire Competent Bus Drivers.” He writes, “It’s extremely difficult to have excellent public services if the debate is polarized between people who want to reduce spending in order to cut taxes, and people who want to view the bus system as a jobs program for bus drivers. When a city is having trouble attracting qualified applicants for bus driver jobs, that’s a sign that the wage is too damn low.”

Yglesias did not interview bus drivers about how much they make, like Daniel Massey of Crain’s New York Business did for a story about the upcoming contract negotiations for New York City transit workers. Instead he suggests that perhaps bus drivers’ wages should be lowered if qualified applicants can be paid to work at a lower wage.

And then the hammer:

Yglesias declined to comment on whether or not he would apply the same wage logic to his own salary. He also refused a more in-depth interview for this piece.

Of course he declined to comment. Because he doesn’t empathize with people who are not like him: the archetypical Richard Floridian well-educated ‘idea worker.’ There’s a lot of that going around these days.

That, and he’s not as smart he thinks he is**.

*Which is very different from liberalism.

**I’m not either but I listen and pay attention to stuff. It helps.

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