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Links for you. Science:

Paul Ryan Wants to Cut NOAA’s Budget by How Much?
On the hunt for research dollars (must-read)
Blue sharks don’t care about polls
Labeling GMO’s: Why?
Tsunami response warnings: another thing Republicans think we don’t need


Why ‘Voting Your Conscience’ in Deep Blue or Red States Is a Terrible Idea For Those Who Don’t Want a Romney Presidency (must-read)
Third Party Nihilism: The Arguments Can Always Get Worse!
Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.
Elections Have Consequences
Ending Rape Illiteracy
What a Republican Senate Would Look Like
The Price of a Black President
Suffer the Children
GOP Congressman says he supports illegal voter suppression tactics
Why air travel has become so expensive, annoying, and cramped
Democratic Rep. Explains Why Now Is The ‘Absolute Right Time’ To Invest In Crumbling Infrastructure
First rule of Fetus Club: Don’t talk about Fetus Club
Broken Clock, Etc.
I have a problem with this

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    “Why ‘Voting Your Conscience’ in Deep Blue or Red States Is a Terrible Idea For Those Who Don’t Want a Romney Presidency”

    I’ve got to admit this one left me slack-jawed and speechless for a fair while. Weren’t the bushbots the bedwetting fearmongers? Weren’t us ‘lefties’ a couple of standard deviations smarter than them? This essay got me to wondering about that stuff.

    Perhaps it was their embrace of a monster which turned the brains of the bush-lovers to mush. I flipped back to the earliest posts of Mr. Joshua Holland, and sure enough he wasn’t always a sniveling idiot. Take this remark about Robert’s elevation to the Supreme Court back in 2005:

    “The fix was in on this one from the start.

    Too bad only 22 Dems had enough conviction to see past all that and vote no.”

    No, back then he didn’t have the mush-for-brains condition. Could it be that like with the bushbots, his 4 years of ignoring that Obama has been a very, very bad president numbed his gray matter and blinded him to a similar ‘fix’ in the Year of Our Lord 2012? I suspect that’s the case.

    My own cynicism has its roots in the 2006 election. Before then I’d never noticed how blatantly the thumb of the “liberal media” was on the scale as it was with this one. So come 2008 I had my eyes open, and saw that “the fix was on” – big time. Fast forward to 2012, and the same thing is true.

    BHO has been the dream president for the elites – the top 1% – and he’s going to continue to be their fair-haired-boy. Willard Romney is, (like John McCain and John Kerry and Bob Dole in past years) playing the Stooge Clown opposition to the political equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Is there any basis for Mr. Holland’s concern about a national-scale Brook’s Brother’s Riot? Who knows, and for that matter, who cares? In my Red State my votes are recorded on electronic devices which are operated by hard-core Republicans. The vote tally in Indiana is going to be whatever those boys and girls want it to be.

    As for a national ruckus about BHO losing the popular vote count while retaining the White House, that’ll happen if and only if the Power Elites want it to happen. If they feel such an event is to their advantage, there WILL be a fuss. Maybe even a big fuss, but IMO it’ll be to give BHO cover for whacking Social Security, Medicare, and enacting other parts of the Grand Bargain even more than was scheduled. Gotta be “fair” to the people who kinda/maybe/almost “won” the election.

    Best of all from the viewpoint of those Power Elites, those who fall for Mr. Holland’s line will have their ‘fingerprints’ on the future horrors done in their name. They’ll be complicit, and for that reason far less likely to object to the things that are going to happen when BHO will never again have to engage in any kind of election theater.

    IMO Mr. Joshua Holland’s hangover is going to be a substantial one if and when he ever recovers from being an Obamabot, for he and those like him will have greased the skids for what’s coming. And what’s coming from the Second Term isn’t going to be a bit pretty.

    • JohnV says:

      Please clarify, are these power elites actual lizards (evolutionarily related to earth lizards) or actually aliens that just convergently evolved to resemble earth lizards?

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