Links 3/14/12

Who needs a fucking 115,000 volt transformer when you have the Mad Biologist? Because we never close. Anyway, links for you. Science:

A Coat Can Make You Smarter
Biodefence since 9/11: The price of protection
Senate Approves U.S. Biodefense Legislation
Hope, Hype and Genetic Breakthroughs
Don’t try this at home: The mathematics of HIV testing in low-risk populations
The Story of the Most Common Bird in the World


Was a highly regarded Washington, D.C. teacher fired because of someone else’s cheating? (I hadn’t even thought of this problem with teacher evaluation)
Taxing the Rich Does Not Hurt Jobs (I usually don’t do videos because they take too long, but this is worth the twelve minutes)
Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System
MMT for Austrians Part 4: Is Description Without Theory, Ideology or Policy Desirable? Is it Even Possible? (leaving aside some initial confusion between science and public policy informed by science, it’s very good)
Great minds think alike, and so do USPS District Managers (the Congressionally-mandated slow motion destruction of the Postal Service is incredibly frustrating to watch)
Affirmative Action for School Reformers?
No kidding: birth control and college completion
Alabama and Mississippi Republicans don’t believe in evolution … but do believe Obama is a Muslim
Apple R.I.P. (this is from mid-2000 and in hindsight is funny as hell, though not intentionally)
A Case Study In How Infographics Can Bend The Truth

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