Links 1/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Out of Odor: Offensive-Smelling Bugs Put U.S. Farmers on the Defensive
Unreported Cases of Food Poisoning Reflect a Gap in Food Supply Safety Net
Scientific publishing: “You buy the cow, then I’ll sell you the milk.”
A Tiny Dying Such as This – Is There an Ongoing Mini Mass Extinction of Soil Invertebrates in the Midwest? (and there are probably unique bacterial clones associated with these invertebrates too)


Have the Super-Rich Seceded from the United States? (this is written by a former Republican staffer, so you know things are FUBAR when they sound like leftists)
Tom Ferguson: The Devil and Rick Santorum – Dilemmas of a Holy Owned Subsidiary (must-read)
STOKING FIRE: Ultra-Conservative Doctrine May Be the Reason for Unreported Sexual Crimes in the Military
Black Man Confronts Gingrich On Food Stamps Comments: ‘Stop Using Blacks As A Punching Bag’
So They’re Useless Then
Number of homeless students surges, putting strain on schools (we can solve this problem by busting teachers unions!)
America Locked A Children’s Humanitarian Aid Worker In Gitmo For Seven Years
The Great Saturday Night Fever Hoax (the only thing I would add is that the ‘disco sucks’ movement was, in part, inspired by racial animus, similar to that experienced by hip-hop)
Mitt Romney’s birth control fake-out (as I’ve noted, none of them want to go on the record about this. Push them)
Shameless Innumeracy
In Which I Am Grumpy About Education
Matt Stoller takes aim, misses wildly
Pulling punches on Romney’s Wall Street connection
David Brooks Says I Don’t Exist!
iPhone Sausage Making
Pseudonymous commentary online is the best! (with data)

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