Links 12/1/13

Links for you. Science:

In 11 years, more than $250 million in grants, and now….
The Second World That Forms On Sunken Trees
The golden age of computational materials science gives me a disturbing feeling of déjà vu
Deadly Delays: The nation’s newborn screening programs depend on speed and science to save babies from rare diseases. But thousands of hospitals fall short, deadly delays are ignored and failures are hidden from public view — while babies and their families suffer. (but FDA IS STEALIN ALL TEH GENOMZ!)


By Focusing on the Opt-Outers, We Are Ignoring the Real Issues with Common Core
New handicap ramp in South Boston put to good use (only in Southie…)
Comments on NJ’s Teacher Evaluation Report & Gross Statistical Malfeasance (this is why education ‘reform’ has to be taken with a Rock of Gibraltar sized grain of salt)
Qi Bono? Obamacare and the New Age quacks (though it’s worth noting that many private companies, including Aetna, already cover acupuncture)
Honey, Be Nice. This Poor Man Doesn’t Know Where He Is
Corporations Still Don’t Have First Amendment Rights
Here’s why Wall Street has a hard time being ethical
Can Dems win on the Medicaid expansion?
Yakuza gangsters ‘forcing homeless people to work on the Fukushima nuclear plant clear-up… who are fired once they suffer high radiation doses’

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