Links 7/15/11

Links for you. Science:
The Asian needle ant, an accidentally imported termite killer
A Journal Is Not a Data Dump
How Seawater Can Power the World
Tiny snails survive digestion by birds (I wonder what this does to your microbiome…)
Ann Coulter Confuses Liberal and Conservative Psychology
Not-So-Representative Investors
The selfish revolution
11 Things the Richest U.S. Households Can Buy That You Can’t
More Proof That Obama is Herbert Hoover (when a former Goldman-Sachs employee argues using Marxist language that Obama is too conservative, he has gone way too far to the right)
Null Policy
Presidents, Tax Burdens, and the Subsequent Economic Growth
What The Jamie Leigh Jones Verdict Says About Rape Culture
Obama: Are you SURE it’s not about the money?
Thoughts on Cheating

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