What’s the Matter with the Boston Public Library?

I realize that the Boston Public Library is facing budget cuts, but in the last couple of months, even very basic services have been off. Three times I’ve returned books days ahead of their due dates, only to be nailed for fines; this isn’t an issue of returning something the evening it’s due–I literally mean days. I don’t know if this a computer glitch or a lack of staff to register books as returned (even if they’re not reshelved). Fellow Bostonians, is this just a run of bad luck, or is anyone else experiencing this?
I like the Boston Public Library. I like it much better when I don’t have to argue about books I’ve returned early.

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  1. NewEnglandBob says:

    The Chelmsford library, which is part of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium of 40 or so libraries, never charges for overdue books. There is a place to give a donation if one feels guilty. They have no problems, even though hours have been cut back.

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