Biden: “What Do You Talk About When You Can’t Explain the Last Eight Years of Failure”

In the midst of the swooning over Palin (talk about the bigotry of low expectations…), Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden is giving some great speeches. Here’s one:

Give ’em the truth, Joe!

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4 Responses to Biden: “What Do You Talk About When You Can’t Explain the Last Eight Years of Failure”

  1. Joel says:

    While it is true that ultimately the buck stops at the Presidents desk, the fact remains that George W. Bush did not go down that road alone and it was not just Republicans supporting these failed policies.
    Unless we accept this fact and hold Democrats responsible for their part in this mess, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, we cannot move forward.

  2. I am so wise says:

    How are Obama and Biden at fault for Bush using his “inherent” powers in the constitution that only he and his closest advisers discovered?

  3. For six years, the Republican majority in Congress had secret committee meetings which purposely excluded Democratic members. They scraped together Midnight Quorums to pass resolutions to try to interfere with the right of Michael Schiavo to make a personal, private decision to pull the plug on the machines that were keeping his brain-dead wife alive.
    The Republican Majority forced through onerous legislation that Bush signed, and the Democrats were scorned for trying to take nuanced positions on the issues.
    In the last two years, I have been disappointed that the Democratic leadership didn’t exercise any of their potential power to hold Bush’s feet to the fire. They didn’t exercise their mandate to bring Cheney’s misdeeds to light. It’s as if John Conyers and Henry Waxman have been the only ones in Congress who know how the process of congressional investigation are supposed to work.
    The apparent strategy has been to end Bush’s consolidation on power through this election, and they didn’t want to jeopardize it by forcing an impeachment hearing against the two most powerful criminals in America.

  4. drdrA says:

    You seem to forget that for 6 of the last 8 years, the republicans had the white house and majorities in BOTH houses of congress. I’m sorry- but I fail to see where the democrats can be assigned responsibility for ANYTHING that occurred during that time. As far as all of us are concerned- the republicans DID GO DOWN THIS ROAD ALONE.period.
    Anyone who fails to recognize this is just very sadly informed and is irresponsibly spreading information.

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