Some Sunday Links

Here’s some Sunday links for you. The sciency stuff:

  1. If I were a fish, I wouldn’t want to live in an echinoderm’s anus, but I suppose the Intelligent Designer works in mysterious ways.
  2. Can viruses make you forget stuff?
  3. Empty Pockets whips the vote count on stem cell research.
  4. The politics of stem cell research, California edition.
  5. Razib discusses the probability that a mutation will become extinct in one generation.
  6. A great primer on polling and statistics.
  7. Do diesels beat hybrids?
  8. I write about memes.
  9. Here’s a post of mine about MRSA and ‘search and destroy
  10. I also have some public health information about strep throat and antibiotics.
  11. The other stuff:

    1. driftglass on the Great Cleanup.
    2. digby on the politics of character assassination.
    3. Ezra Klein describes why workers can’t raise their wages: because they can’t.
    4. On a related note, here’s a post on Clintonian economics, six years post-Clinton.
    5. Field Negro describes the difference between Northern and Southern racism.
    6. Pray the vote.” I see crazy people…
    7. digby on the failure of conservatism, not conservatives.
    8. Remind me never to piss off James Wolcott. Ever.
    9. Peggy Noonan jumps ship with the rest of the rats.
    10. Glenn Greenwald and Billmon both diagnose the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz as suffering from Compulsive Centrist Disorder.
    11. maha differentiates betweens ideas and ideology, and discusses how this relates to the Democrats.
    12. Kevin Drum asks some questions about income inequality.
    13. A very thought-provoking essay about abortion from The Guardian.
    14. Related to a post I wrote about progressives, liberals, and conservatives, I found this post by IOZ about the conservative nature of the Democratic internet insurgents.
    15. Chris Bowers describes how Republicans have given up on trying to win in large parts of the country.
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