One Mundane Reason Why I Like ScienceBlogs

It’s not Blogger. From Joe at AmericaBlog:

NOTE: Blogger is down AGAIN. We, like every other blog on Blogger, are only able to post intermittently – literally we’re publishing each post a good 50 to 100 times before it shows up. We are frantically trying to launch the new blog, with a new non-Blogger server this week. And for any tech repoters out there, Blogger is lying to you. They’re saying if we’d just switch to Blogger Beta everything would be fine. Well guess what – you have to be invited to join Blogger Beta, and haven’t been invited, nor has anyone else I know. Not to mention, the fine print tells you that blogs of over a few thousand posts, which is every decent sized blog out there, can’t use the beta yet. So basically, Blogger is melting down the week before the elections and Blogger and Google are making excuses. Nice.

When I was invited to join ScienceBlogs, one of the things that made it a no-brainer was that Blogger went kluflooie three days before. Last year, the Google guys each made around a billion dollars. Maybe they should sink some of that cash into Blogger…

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4 Responses to One Mundane Reason Why I Like ScienceBlogs

  1. Orac says:

    I’ve always said that you get what you pay for.
    Blogger is free.

  2. coturnix says:

    It’s also a pain when I want to re-post something from the old blogs (or even just link to something there) and Blogger is out….

  3. Babbler says:

    I am on, and it works fine and well.

  4. iza says:

    I’m using both blogger and wordpress. I found blogger is more SEO friendly.
    from Cancer Type

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