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When the Cato Institute and I Agree on McCain…

there’s a good chance we’re both onto something: McCain’s inner fascist.
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The Surveillance State: Everything Changed After 1/20/2007…

not 9/11. The Bush Administration spied on American citizens without court orders before Sept. 11, 2001. And it didn’t stop the attacks.
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NASA Scientists Are Terrorist Sexbots

Because if NASA scientists do science, the terrorists win. Or something. The Republican Nanny State runs amok.
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About Those Missing WMD in Syria…

Jonathan Hari of TNR bravely went undercover and joined a cruise hosted by the National Review. That is a heroic sacrifice on behalf of the Coalition of the Sane, and no amount of satire could do that lunacy justice. But Norman “the blood of GIs is better than Viagra” Podhoretz brought up a tired canard of the Delusional Right.
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What’s a Little Faux Pas Between Countries With Large Nuclear Arsenals?

I think the investigative power the Democrats currently wield–and the threat of subpoena–is starting to get to Secretary of State Condoleeza “Ferragamos” Rice.
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