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Forget Genomics, Just Do the Genetics That We Know How to Do: The Rape Kit Edition

As genomics becomes cheaper and more accessible, the torrent of articles debating and discussing its effects on human health will only increase. My contribution to this genre is to argue that microbial genomics is also critical, and, in the short … Continue reading

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When Big Data Goes Awry: The “Rape Sufferers” List

Somehow I don’t think this is what either the Big Data triumphalists or the techno-freedomites had in mind: The list is defined as: These rape sufferers are family members who have reported, or have been identified as individuals affected by … Continue reading

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Why We Still Have College Adminstrations That Are Soft on Rape

In this story about USC’s mislabeling sexual assault to keep their campus rape numbers low, this part floored me: Reed said she was told by Raquel Torres-Retana, student judicial affairs and community standards director, that the university had difficulty taking … Continue reading

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Why the Pentagon Doesn’t Understand Rape (It’s the Predation, Stupid)

After reading about the hearings on military rape, it’s pretty clear that the U.S. military leadership, like too many men, is very confused about rape. Even among men who aren’t flat-out misogynist assholes (the assholes are self-explanatory), the motivations of … Continue reading

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Why Conservatives Can’t Stop Talking About Rape: Because It’s the New Rubella

So it appears that, just as the furor over Todd Akin’s magical vaginas has died down (he was the Republican who claimed that rape victm’s vaginas have ways to “shut down” pregnancy), they seem to have gone full-bore stupid again: … Continue reading

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On the Folly of Campus ‘Justice’

By now, you might have heard about the UNC rape survivor who discussed her rape without identifying the rapist, but, nonetheless, has been charged by the university for violating the UNC Honor Code–yes, the anonymous rapist is somehow the victim*. … Continue reading

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Steubenville and the NRA

I would think that, in terms of the personal protection argument, that protecting yourself against gang rape would be a compelling reason to carry a gun. But if one looks at the circumstances of the horrific Steubeville rape, it seems … Continue reading

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“Vigiliance of Sexual Safety” and Pestering Women in Elevators

“…try to remember that women are blamed for lapsed vigilance.”
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How Idiot Male Rape Apologizers Ruin Life for the Rest of Us

What a hideous, miserable existence. For men.
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The Worst Way to Combat Prostitution: Make Prostitutes ‘Sex Offenders’

Yes, desperate women trying to survive are treated as if they were child rapists.
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