Why We Still Have College Adminstrations That Are Soft on Rape

In this story about USC’s mislabeling sexual assault to keep their campus rape numbers low, this part floored me:

Reed said she was told by Raquel Torres-Retana, student judicial affairs and community standards director, that the university had difficulty taking Reed’s side because “we know that all the students at this university are good students. They’re good people. That’s why they’re here.”

When your good students rape people, they might not be “good people” any more. Because rape isn’t like stumbling and spilling your coffee–it is an active act of sexual predation. Predators aren’t good people.

Amazingly, I heard this kind of crap twenty-five years ago. Guess what? Not all of your students are good people. Some of them are flat-out shitheads. Who do you think has been responsible for running this country into the ground over the last few decades? The high-school dropouts?

I expect a defense attorney to make this kind of argument–that’s his job. But as long as college administrators do not prioritize the safety of their students, this will keep happening. While it’s good that USC might be fined (though $35,000 per incident is essentially nothing to a school like USC), individual administrators and universities need to be hit with massive lawsuits. That’s the only thing universities respond to, unfortunately.

Addendum: Torres-Retana apparently doubled down and told the rape victim, “This is not a punitive process. This is a rehabilitative process. This is an educative process.” Rape is a crime, not a mistake or an accident.

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