Links 9/7/16

Links for you. Science:

Smithsonian scientist will keep his job after deeply flawed misconduct investigation
He may have invented one of neuroscience’s biggest advances. But you’ve never heard of him
‘Our living dinosaurs’: There are far fewer African elephants than we thought, study shows
What’s So Significant About Significance?
Aging But Not Aged Olympians


Suggestions (excellent)
Charter Fans Put Bounty on John Oliver’s Head
Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger: It’s Important
Metallica’s James Hetfield now has a PhD in astrophysics
Leftists Against Clintonism: It’s Not Just About the Lies, It’s About the Record
The Conservative War Against Teachers
The Great White Hype: No One Is Energizing the White Working Class, Not Even Donald Trump
How The World Was Going to Work
Where No Miner Has Gone Before
The Central Park Five Ad Told Us Who Donald Trump Really Is
Clinton Aide Neera Tanden’s Role In Welfare Reform Questioned
Quote of the Day: Jay Mathews’ Biggest Mistake Was Trusting Michelle Rhee
The New York Times Tried to Make the Weiner Story a Clinton Story, and the Result Is Embarrassing
Dear Mayor Emanuel: I resign my position as principal of the #1 rated neighborhood school in Chicago
Trump pays IRS a penalty for his foundation violating rules with gift to aid Florida attorney general
‘There’s just been something in the atmosphere’

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  1. Rob says:

    It looks like Hetfield did *not* receive a PhD.

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