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Why I Believe in Fiscal Irresponsibility

Because fiscal responsibility is a conservative frame.
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When Compulsive Centrist Disorder Isn’t Centrist: The Healthcare Edition

If you are going to claim the mantle of the ‘center’, you should not oppose a policy like the public option in healthcare that is supported by 72% of Americans.
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So, What Should Scientists Communicate?

I wish Mooney and Kirshenbaum had spent more time dwelling on this, because, as I noted, how one communicates–and they have some good suggestions regarding the how–can’t be separated from the what, particularly when the ‘what’ is science, whatever that might be.
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Unscientific America: On Planets and Theories

Not a great way to start a book.
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Framing, Evolution, and Power

Once again, the science framing wars have flared up. While we’re arguing over framing evolution, the right is using government tax dollars to train cadres through all sorts of faith-based programs. We need less framing and more lobbying.
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Scientific Consensus Is a Process, Not a List of Names

One thing that will help in the War on Science is clarity about what a scientific consensus really means.
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Regarding the Tax Cut ‘Stimulus’, I Was Joking About the Porn

Pornographers ask Congress for $5 billion. Really. And why having forty percent of the stimulus as tax cuts is stupid.
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Framing Good Transit Policy Poorly: The Efficiency Argument

Efficiency, a four letter word for many, is the wrong way to frame the need for better transportation policy.
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Denialism, Framing, the Kumbaya Fallacy, and Power

ScienceBlogling Matt Nisbet argues that scientists shouldn’t call science denialists, well, denialists. I’m unconvinced.
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What Do Focus Groups Actually Tell Us?

The only thing I can conclude is that swing voters are f-cking morons.
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