Professional Democrats, You Have to Tell People Things

Last week, this vignette from a NYT article about Harris-not-Biden voters made the rounds (boldface mine):

“Honestly, it was more of a choice of it just not being Joe Biden,” said Clara Carrillo-Hinojosa, a 21-year-old financial analyst in Las Vegas, of her support for Ms. Harris. She said she would probably vote for Mr. Trump: “Personally, I think we were doing a lot better when he was in the presidency, price-wise, money-wise, income-wise.”

Yet in some ways, Ms. Carrillo-Hinojosa is the kind of voter Mr. Biden hopes he can win once people start focusing on the race. Mr. Trump has offended her as a woman, she said, and she likes some of what Mr. Biden has done, including his support for Israel.

Most of all, she said, she strongly supports abortion rights — and did not realize that Mr. Biden does, too. She said that because states’ abortion bans had gone into effect during his presidency, she assumed it was because of him. Ultimately, despite her misgivings about the economy, support for abortion rights would probably be what decided her vote, she said.

You have to tell people what you did and what you stand for over and over again. Doing a two-day PR offensive doesn’t cut it. And professional Democrats need to learn how to cut the noise and get this information out–something they’re clearly not good at doing, and haven’t been.

Part of this involves building narratives and then repeating them (and not abandoning them), which is just something the professional Democratic class believes is beneath them*. It also helps if you don’t piss off the ‘amateurs’ because they’re the ones who typically have the kinds of conversations the NYT reporter did.

Assuming people will figure it out on their doesn’t always work, so do the fucking job.

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  1. Connie says:

    Filed under “Fucking Morons” is right. Seriously, how can someone be this clueless.

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