Links 11/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Full-spike deep mutational scanning helps predict the evolutionary success of SARS-CoV-2 clades
For decades, mothers have borne the brunt of scrutiny for alcohol use during pregnancy − new research points to dad’s drinking as a significant factor in fetal alcohol syndrome
An investigation of an outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections linked to melons – United States, 2020
I’m a Climate Scientist. I’m Not Screaming Into the Void Anymore.
Estimated Effectiveness of Coadministration of the BNT162b2 BA.4/5 COVID-19 Vaccine With Influenza Vaccine
SpaceX Is Holding Up America’s Lunar Ambitions: Elon Musk’s Starship blew up again, and NASA’s moon clock is ticking.


A pathway to a two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis: Palestinian lawyer’s plan calls for the creation of a confederation in which a sovereign Palestinian state recognized by Israel would be created through land swaps.
Shoots and Ladders: It’s past time to start thinking like Republicans when negotiating with Republicans (I think this is absolutely correct: splitting the CRs when Republicans can’t be trusted was very foolish)
Israeli women and girls were raped during Hamas attack. Where’s the outcry?: The organizations meant to stand for the prevention and eradication of such attacks have been eerily silent since the Hamas attack on Oct. 7. And this silence has been deafening.
Joe Biden: The U.S. won’t back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas
Send America’s Floating Hospitals to Gaza: The Navy’s Comfort and Mercy could bring medical care and US “soft power” to the war-torn area.
An inside look at what’s ahead in Israel’s shattering war in Gaza
Israel’s War on American Student Activists
Advertisers flee Elon Musk’s X as outcry grows over his endorsement of antisemitic post
Biden Doesn’t Need Congress for His Plan to Support Domestic Workers
The U.S. Government UFO Cover-Up Is Real—But It’s Not What You Think
Goodbye, Joe Manchin—We Won’t Miss You
The Vermin Libel And The Danger Of Forgetting: American memories may be short, but we’re not doing all we can to lengthen them
The Supreme Court’s New Ethics Code Won’t Stop the Corruption
Marvel Enters Its Age of Reduced Expectations (I think the solution is very wrong; they should be spending money on smaller movies with less established characters to find out what works, as well as revisiting characters, such as Jessica Jones, that got butchered with shitty plot lines)
Damning Ethics Report Solves the Big George Santos Question: Where the Money Came From
Michael Luttig on the Colorado section three decision
‘Unacceptable’ and a ‘moral failure’: In a shift, Jewish lawmakers Ossoff, Balint and Phillips ramp up criticism on Israel’s conduct
Russia frees killers from prison to go to war and kill in Ukraine
Why Elon Musk’s antisemitism is a national security risk
From airlines to ticket sellers, companies fight U.S. to keep junk fees
She puts ‘kidnapped’ fliers up again and again, knowing they’ll be torn down: ‘Every page is a person,’ says Arlington resident Shirly Gurten. But some see the hostage posters as propaganda.
How do you fight shoplifting? Not by locking down everything in CVS.
Right-Wing Figures Go All In On Antisemitism: X’s Elon Musk is only one example of a prominent conservative who showcased their antisemitism this week.
Voters must take Trump seriously and literally. The stakes are that high.
Hospitals Have Gotten Too Nice: Medical centers are offering fancy food and rebranding health as a “journey.” How about helping us feel better instead?
My children are being held hostage by Hamas. Take me to Gaza to see them.

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