Links 10/27/23

Links for you. Science:

How plants communicate with each other when in danger
Review estimates 69% 3-dose vaccine efficacy against long COVID
Announcing a Simplified Review Framework for NIH Research Project Grant Applications (doesn’t kick in until 2024)
Multidrug-resistant E. coli encoding high genetic diversity in carbohydrate metabolism genes displace commensal E. coli from the intestinal tract
SARS-CoV-2 infection boosts inflammation in atherosclerotic plaques
These strange underwater animals could save our lives. If we don’t destroy them first. Deep-sea mining threatens the world’s untapped and unknown underwater pharmacies.


9/11, apartheid, and other metaphors that make people misunderstand Israel and Palestine: Terms commonly used to describe this conflict reflect outsiders’ preoccupations instead of astute political judgments.
AP visual analysis: Rocket from Gaza appeared to go astray, likely caused deadly hospital explosion
The pandemic is over in this Michigan county. The mistrust never ended.
The Right’s Latest Target: Unmarried Women
Documents found on fighters reveal Hamas capabilities, bloody plans
How Trump’s Detestability Lures Democrats Into Repeating Mistakes: They keep winning because voters hate Trump—they keep telling themselves otherwise
Spy vs. spy: How Israelis tried to stop Russia’s information war in Africa. This never-before-told tale reveals how covert online battles in the French-speaking Sahel region helped topple governments.
Death of a Salesman: The brief rise and rapid fall of Vivek Ramaswamy is a pretty good indicator that even in the chaotic universe of Republican politics, with its shameless demands and perverse incentives, certain rules still apply. Among them: People have to like you.
In a historic cemetery, a groundskeeper will rest among congressmen
‘Techno-Optimism’ is Not Something You Should Believe In
Listen to the Gazans who are seeking a path away from Hamas
How to Think About the Role of Drugs in American Life
Stonewall Jordan marches Republicans into the wilderness
A turncoat Democrat gave the North Carolina GOP a supermajority. She just got her reward
Argentina’s tear-it-all-down frontrunner connects with angry young men
What The Senate Appointment Tells Us About Laphonza Butler AND Presidential Wanna Be Gavin Newsom
Jewish schools adjust security as Israel-Gaza war stokes fears
The Cars Are Too Damn Big
The make-believe Republican primary: Is the ‘race’ for the GOP nomination a boondoggle, or is this what democracy looks like?
At the Museum of Printing, ‘We’re trying to save the past for the future’
India uses widespread internet blackouts to mask domestic turmoil
Do You Get Happy When Bad Rich Guys Go The Prison? It Doesn’t Happen Often Enough
A surprising number of celebrities have worked as spies
‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Why Democrats Are Hoping For An Upset In Mississippi
Wondering Which Democrats Refuse To Co-Sponsor The Bill To Raise The Minimum Wage? Here’s The List
Lawmakers à la Carte: How ALEC Sells Access to State Legislators

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