Links 10/28/23

Links for you. Science:

First locally-acquired case of dengue virus discovered in Pasadena
For the first time, research reveals crows use statistical logic: The birds can associate images with distinct reward probabilities.
Long COVID research risks losing momentum – we need a moonshot. Investing US$1 billion every year for the next ten years into long COVID research could improve the lives of millions and save trillions in economic costs.
Ancient humans were ‘farming’ cassowaries 18,000 years ago
COVID Drugs Are a Miracle Cure for Cats: Leftover medications are going to save the animals from a deadly feline coronavirus.
The Theory That Men Evolved to Hunt and Women Evolved to Gather Is Wrong


Trump’s Bloody Campaign Promises: It’s tempting to ignore the former President’s expressions of rage, but the stakes for American democracy demand that attention be paid.
Netanyahu’s Hostage Envoy Endangers the Lives of All Those Kidnapped by Hamas: Gal Hirsch, the retired Brigadier General appointed to secure the release of Gaza hostages, is a ‘megalomaniacal messianic’ and inner circle Bibi-ist who cares more about his own political career than the delicate job he is tasked with; ‘brings his ego to the table and not much else’
It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his capital gains depend on his not understanding it
Israeli emergency responder: ‘I saw 20 children shot, burned and piled together in two piles’
Evidence on Display at Israel’s Forensic Pathology Center Confirms Hamas’ Atrocities (graphic)
Hamas torture confirmed as Israeli forensics institute identifies victims
The End of Netanyahu: He sold Israelis a story about their safety. It turned out not to be true.
What violent threats against the Jim Jordan holdouts tell us about the GOP
The Path to Reducing Pedestrian Deaths Is Steep but Straight
Calling Israel’s actions ‘genocide’ harms the cause of human rights everywhere: ‘Genocide’ has a very specific legal definition within human rights law — it shouldn’t be used carelessly to make polemical points
“Techno-optimism” is a sign of V.C. crisis
Netanyahu told to ‘quit now’ as ex-leaders pin blame on dysfunctional government
Netanyahu’s Attack on Democracy Left Israel Unprepared: The prime minister brought about a situation in which all the options are bad.
Marine Le Pen courts French Jews as far left refuses to condemn Hamas (ugh)
Ending Junk Fees, the Most Annoying Thing in American Commerce
The seemingly benign phrase ‘parental rights’ hides a dangerous, anti-democratic, Christian nationalist movement
What Israel should do now
America needs a bigger, better bureaucracy: They’re from the government, and they really are here to help.
Netanyahu Is an Existential Threat to Israel’s Survival
Why America Is Out of Ammunition
Sociologist Tanya Maria Golash-Boza on the Gentrification of D.C.
One Corrupt Asshole
The Devastation of Be’eri: In one day, Hamas militants massacred, tortured, and abducted residents of a kibbutz, leaving their homes charred and their community in ruins.
How I updated my views on ranked choice voting: A personal journey and some thoughts on changing one’s mind
From Donald Trump to George Santos, fraud cases expose the gullibility of rich conservatives
Brief Comments on Rules of War

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