Links 10/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Horrifying parasitic wasp with a giant head is one of more than 100 newfound species discovered in the Amazon (kinda cute akshually)
Early Europeans Ate Seaweed for Thousands of Years
Earth’s Core Appears to Be Leaking In the Arctic and Scientists Don’t Know Why
Skeletons of 1918 Flu Victims Reveal Clues About Who Was Likely to Die
NASA considering budget cuts for Hubble and Chandra space telescopes
Covid is not “just a regular winter bug”


Israel Is About to Make a Terrible Mistake (it’s Friedman, but he’s mostly correct)
Greater Boston has a housing crisis, but doesn’t act like it. In towns like Milton, soaring home prices are a barrier to a new generation of buyers and a clear threat to future prosperity. It is a fact of life here, but it doesn’t have to be.
Some thoughts on the messed up memory culture of late 20th century America into which I was socialized. Or, why did so many late 20th C. Americans feel like we had to give a pass to historical figures who committed their lives to undermining the foundational values we claimed the US stood for?
Federal Prosecutors Say They’re Charging More People Than Last Year. The Publicity Tour Shows They’re Under Intense Political Pressure. (for non-D.C. residents, we colonial subjects have no control over the federally appointed prosecutors; unfortunately, federal prosecutors have a ton of incentives to be cautious and never lose cases, which isn’t working for D.C., though the judges aren’t helping either)
Survivors of kibbutz attack turn their ire on Netanyahu
Goats Wearing Solar-Powered GPS Collars Are Helping Clean Up The Chesapeake Bay
Let them eat old vaccines AND plague
The lost history of the DC arena that grew a wrestling institution
Millions of Workers Are Training AI Models for Pennies: From the Philippines to Colombia, low-paid workers label training data for AI models used by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.
Gender and retention patterns among U.S. faculty
Toxic workplaces are the main reason women leave academic jobs
Antisemitic Attitudes Across the Ideological Spectrum
A tale of two sisters, two countries and their health systems
Antisemitism is predicted by anti-hierarchical aggression, totalitarianism, and belief in malevolent global conspiracies
Jim Jordan and Donald Trump’s embarrassing week reminds us: MAGA “tough guys” are cowards at heart
Franklin’s MAGA mayoral candidate Gabrielle Hanson poses with self-proclaimed neo-Nazi in new post
What The Hell Is Going On With House Republicans?
We Know How to Get Good Public Health Policies. Now We Need to Figure Out How to Keep Them.
The Mooch’s Remembrance of S.B.F.’s Past (if you think about some of the observations, it becomes abundantly clear than SBF has sociopathic tendencies)
The Fate of Your Rent May Be in the Supreme Court’s Hands
The Trump H.R. Shadow Battle: In preparation for a Republican nominee who is long on outrage and short on process, two shadow organizations—one staffed by ideologues, the other by the usual suspects—are competing to staff a putative second Trump administration with their own agendas in mind. What could possibly go wrong?
Go Home, Tom Suozzi. You Already Cost Democrats the House.
Ibram X. Kendi’s Anti-Racism: The historian espoused grand ambitions to dismantle American racism, but the crisis at his research center suggests that he always had a more limited view of change. (good, but also, from what I’ve read, Kendi, like most academics–or people, did not have the project management skills)
Exclusive Data: Twitter Is Shrinking Under Elon Musk
The ‘new elites’ of X: Identifying the most influential accounts engaged in Hamas/Israel discourse
It Is Impossible to Know What to Believe in This Hideous War

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