Links 10/7/23

Links for you. Science:

75% of infants hospitalized with COVID-19 born to unvaccinated women
Cause of increased heart risk from COVID infection revealed
Nobel Prize Awarded to Covid Vaccine Pioneers
“We Can’t Eat Prestige”: Inside the Unionization of the Science Museum of Minnesota
Magpie swooping: Inside the Australian bird’s annual reign of terror
Quoth Phillip Buckhaults: Oh, no! There’s DNA in COVID-19 vaccines!


Stop Debating Whether Christian Nationalism Is Christian
Lucy and the football
The One Media Conspiracy Theory That’s True: It’s kind of impressive how long cable news has been openly corrupt.
A Nobel Laureate Offers a Biting Critique of Economics
Overhyping Vaccines Wasn’t Pro-Vaccine. It Was Pro-Stop-Worrying-About-COVID.
San Francisco’s Laundry Crisis: The Rising Cost of Clean Clothes
Poll: Majority of voters would support disqualifying Trump under 14th Amendment
The year poverty began to end: The real reason we had to move on from covid
A MAGA gunman in New Mexico and ‘the end of politics’ in America
Unauthorized Tom Hanks AI Is Promoting Dental Plans
Why S.F. NIMBYs are about to lose all their power to stop new housing
Where is the world’s smallest skyscraper?
How Google Alters Search Queries to Get at Your Wallet
Caitlin Flanagan’s Wheels Are Spinning A Little Too Fast
Response to Douthat on Two-Parent Families
The New War on Porn Is Winning: Laws requiring ID checks for websites are wildly popular — and potentially fatal for the adult industry.
One Reason the Trump Fever Won’t Break
GOP dudes are big mad at Taylor Swift for reminding them that the ladies don’t like them: The pop star’s relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce draws out the incel-adjacent impulses of MAGA men
As D.C. weighs sexual harassment policy, data shows scope of complaints
China Is Suffering a Brain Drain. The U.S. Isn’t Exploiting It.
Inside the tactics that won Christian vendors the right to reject gay weddings. Opponents accuse conservative legal group behind landmark Supreme Court case of manufacturing lawsuits to advance its agenda (covered this here)
Centrist Dipshits
Even Michael Lewis Can’t Make a Hero Out of Sam Bankman-Fried
Ideological, But Not Just
The Biden Administration Just Made Organizing a Union Exponentially Easier

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