Links 8/3/13

Links for you. Science:

The Maddening of America (according to Martha Stout, Japan has a forty-fold lower rate of sociopathy)
Scientists who worked with Ivins still question government’s methods
Greenland And Antarctica ‘May Be Vulnerable To Rapid Ice Loss Through Catastrophic Disintegration’
Will we ever have reliable nuclear fusion power?
These Are the Most Exquisitely Weird Spiders You Will Ever See


The Ohio Holocaust memorial: How not to fight for separation of church and state
More Obama Big Lies: Touting Sweatshop Amazon Warehouse Jobs as “Middle Class”
Who Is Roger Ferguson and Could He Be the Next Fed Chair? There’s a new contender for the top spot at the Fed, but why? (he’s a Pete Peterson ally and would be a disaster)
Actual Elected Official.
Republicans, Guns, and Race (guns on planes. What could go wrong?)
Parasite journalism: is aggregation as bad as plagiarism?
What is the payoff structure of gold? (Glenn Beck scams everyone?)
Guns Are for White People
10 Words You’ve Probably Been Misusing
The Duck’s Alive. The Dog’s Embarrassed. The Photo’s a Classic
Where Have All the Jobs Gone?
Unequal Classrooms: What Online Education Cannot Teach
Management and Larry Summers
Do the Math: Christel House’s Grade Doesn’t Add Up (you have to understand the limitations and transformations of your data)

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