Links 9/11/23

Links for you. Science:

The real reason(s) food allergies are on the rise
The Quest for a Crocodile Dictionary
‘This is a solvable problem’: New Massachusetts studies aim to unlock the mysteries of chronic Lyme disease
The glaciers of the last ice age left their mark on the genetic diversity of species across the globe
ProMED issues ultimatum to striking moderators, as questions about site’s future persist
Reconstruction of SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks in a primary school using epidemiological and genomic data


A Peter Thiel-Linked Startup Is Courting New York Scenesters and Plotting a Libertarian Paradise: The Praxis Society envisions a Mediterranean enclave—with just the Right kind of people. (very fashy too!)
We should all be Luddites now (very good)
The GOP Turned Its Back on Science. So Science Turned Its Backs on the GOP. A political realignment around health care is reshaping state politics.
Plausible Sentence Generators (very interesting ideas)
Republicans can’t message their way out of their Dobbs problem (“Might I suggest “pro-coercing-12-year-old-rape-victims-into-giving-birth-while-doing-nothing-to-help-them-ex-ante-or-ex-post”?”)
A Philly woman’s Proud Boy harasser heads to prison. Will Trump set him free? A 15-year-sentence for Philly’s Proud Boy chief meant relief for a local activist targeted by harassment. Will Trump free her tormenter? (why Democrats aren’t pounding this escapes me. Lots of people ‘vote against’, not vote for)
Trump plans to become a dictator — denial will not save you
Carpe Clichés! This Time Really Was Different: Oft-repeated sayings can annoy, all the more so when they’re true. But stimulus cash has run out for bets on the US consumer.
Georgia special grand jury recommended charging Lindsey Graham in Trump case
Tell DC leaders that free parking and lawless driving won’t revitalize downtown
A Weak Cataloguing System Made It Easy to Steal From the British Museum. Institutions Around the Globe Are Reckoning With the Same Vulnerabilities
This Is the True Scale of New York’s Airbnb Apocalypse
Workers at one Colorado opera company push to unionize as another is accused of union busting
Some D.C. Classrooms Don’t Have Air Conditioning During Record Heat (1-that means they don’t have ventilation either–got COVID? You do now…; 2-Bowser is a horrible executive branch official)
The Georgia Special Grand Jury Wanted to Charge a Whole Bunch More People Than the DA Did
Metro To Increase Train Frequency During Commute Times (this won’t increase ridership; better weekend and evening service will)
As Reports of Illegal Dumping Increase, Councilmembers and the Community Debate How to Stop It
D.C. Council Demands Timeline For Delayed DCPS Food Service Contracts (again, executive branch governance failure)
A Trio of Bowser’s Top Officials, Including DDOT Director Everett Lott, Are Leaving Government
The IRS plans to crack down on 1,600 millionaires to collect millions of dollars in back taxes
Are We Prepared for the Militarization of the Trump Movement?
She Posted About Making Shakshuka on a Lazy Saturday. Then She Got Death Threats. Julia Mazur made a TikTok about being child-free on a weekend — and became the center of a right-wing hate storm
Texas’ political environment driving faculty to leave, survey finds
Beware the Men Who Double Down
How to Help Writers Leave X
Brad Raffensperger doesn’t want to keep Trump off the ballot: Georgia election law clearly gives the secretary of state the power to determine who qualifies to be on the ballot. (Trump instigated death threats against Raffensperger’s family, but he’s unwilling to oppose him. Crisis of masculinity indeed)

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  1. Ten Bears says:

    I think he wants it on the ballot again so it can lose again

    An abject lesson it’s not invincible …

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