Links 9/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Can We Talk to Whales?
Medical-evidence giant Cochrane battles funding cuts and closures
Where the Universe Began: A half-century ago, a radio telescope in Holmdel, N.J., sent two astronomers 13.8 billion years back in time — and opened a cosmic window that scientists have been peering through ever since.
Hammerhead vs. Stingray
Long-Term Long Covid: New reports at two years and the known unknowns that lie ahead
More COVID-19 studies suggest BA.2.86 may be less immune-evasive than feared


Real-Estate Doom Loop Threatens America’s Banks: Regional banks’ exposure to commercial real estate is more substantial than it appears
Inside the Fight to Forcibly Out Transgender Students in California (anti-trans bigotry is a force that gives conservatives meaning)
30,000 and Counting: DC Is 85% of Way Towards Meeting 2025 Housing Production Goals
The shutdown threat would be off the table, under newly proposed legislation
My Horny Raccoon Roommate and Me
A few schools mandated masks. Conservatives hit back hard.
D.C. School Nurses Say New Staffing Model Is ‘A Recipe For Disaster’
The maestro: The man who built the biggest match-fixing ring in tennis
The unraveling: How a small-town police officer took down the largest match-fixing ring in tennis
The antidote to “Democratic panic syndrome”: Putting Joe Biden’s poll numbers in perspective
Wisconsin GOP entertains a constitutional crisis. Again.
How not to have a psychic meltdown when you see new Trump-Biden poll numbers
Probably Need A Plan For This
The Supreme Court’s Fake Praying Coach Case Just Got Faker
Another Christian influencer arrested for child abuse: Why conservatives keep falling for these cons
What if James Comer is getting it backward?
Tesla’s dirty little secret on California’s I-5
This Futuristic Thermostat From the 1950s Had a Setting For Four Different Scents
Is economics changing its mind about administrative burdens?
An Open Letter from Faculty at West Virginia University
Why Biden’s big fight with Eric Adams is headed for disaster
Mark Meadows’s credibility issue
Yes, a Pigeon is Faster for Data Transfer than Gigabit Fiber Internet
Biden finally gets FCC commissioner confirmed, ending 32-month gridlock
Wisconsin’s gerrymandering rides to the rescue of its gerrymandering
Voices in the Vacuum: The failure of the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator to, well, coordinate a response to COVID-19 misinformation has left physicians to fight the uphill battle on their own.

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