Links 9/7/23

Links for you. Science:

Teen Gators Are Getting Into Golf
Nebraska nightmare: New tick biting us, making us allergic to … red meat.
Wildlife and the inescapable impact of road noise
Bird flu is undergoing changes that could increase the risk of widespread human transmission
Deaths Due to COVID-19 in Patients With Cancer During Different Waves of the Pandemic in the US
Surgeon Sex and Long-Term Postoperative Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Common Surgeries


We’re Taking New York City’s Streets Back — and Then We’re Coming for the Rest of the Country
How Far Back Were Africans Inoculating Against Smallpox? Really Far Back.
The Rise of Vivek. The Return of Masters. The College Libertarians Won’t Go Away.
Northern Virginia’s Data Center Industry Is Booming. But Is It Sustainble?
President Biden: Bidenomics is working in Wisconsin. We’re investing in American workers.
The Australian town where people live underground
What is to be done? (on WVU)
X Plans to Collect Biometric Data, Job and School History
Republicans Try To Paper Over Their Abortion Disaster (It Won’t Work): The Party Pays A Political Price For The Mess They Made
The “Chief Lawbreaking Officer” of Texas Finally Faces Trial
Critics say Biden is old and tired. But so is his most likely opponent, Trump
An Iowa County Just Stopped An Election Denier from Overseeing 2024 Election
How Texas HOAs Are Keeping Low-Income Renters Out
Trump fraudulently inflated his net worth by billions of dollars, New York AG says
Madison County lawmaker David Cole arrested on illegal voting charge (it’s always self-projection)
The Hostile Takeover of Blue Cities by Red States
Like It or Not, the Left Can’t Get Away From the Democrats
Cities Are Embracing Teen Curfews Which May Not Curb Crime
Democrats push for investigation of Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s firebrand schools superintendent: A Tulsa-area school district is in its second week of bomb threats after Walters shared a Libs of TikTok post about a school librarian on social media.
Boston’s transit agency used one weird trick to increase bus driver job applications by 356%
School boards are the battlefield for LGBTQ+ Rights
A 6-figure Donald Trump donor is now a No Labels adviser
Congress’s Post-Vacation Blahs: A passel of program authorizations and funding expires in September. There isn’t really a path yet to deal with them all.
Why furniture got so bad
Elon Musk threatens to sue Anti-Defamation League over lost X revenue: World’s richest man claims civil rights group has falsely accused site formerly known as Twitter of being antisemitic

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