Links 8/14/23

Links for you. Science:

Phylogeographic evolution of horseshoe bat sarbecoviruses in Vietnam and implications for the origins of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2
No evidence athletes at risk for cardiac arrest after COVID vaccinations
COVID-19 took a toll on heart health and doctors are still grappling with how to help
Diabetes following SARS-CoV-2 infection: Incidence, persistence, and implications of COVID-19 vaccination. A cohort study of fifteen million people.
Why He Look Like That?
Bird flu researchers turn to Finland’s mink farms, tracking a virus with pandemic potential


The Elite’s War on Remote Work Has Nothing to Do with Productivity. The elite are trying to whip everyone back to the office to avoid a commercial real estate crash. (excellent, must-read)
Awful Quiet Out There
The End Child Poverty Act Would Dramatically Reduce Poverty
‘Unluckiest generation’ falters in boomer-dominated market for homes
Silicon Valley and the Race for the Everything App (left unasked is why we need an everything app in the first place)
My children could benefit from legacy admissions. But they shouldn’t.
Blowing Up the Crypto Cartel
AI is acting ‘pro-anorexia’ and tech companies aren’t stopping it: Disturbing fake images and dangerous chatbot advice: New research shows how ChatGPT, Bard, Stable Diffusion and more could fuel one of the most deadly mental illnesses
Fear not, the right to lie is safe
California just opened the floodgates for self-driving cars. After a state regulatory board ruling, San Francisco will have 24/7 robotaxis on its streets.
Blonde Ambition
A salmon harvest feeds D.C.’s hungry and models eco-friendly fish farming
Trump’s Plan To Go Full-On Fascist If He Wins In 2024
Healey’s cuts to Head Start, early education are ‘unconscionable’
Massachusetts Adopts Universal Free Meals For All Public School Kids
Here are the ugly numbers on Boston housing ‘affordability’: With mortgage rates at 7 percent, buying a home is increasingly out of reach
Why Would Trump Leave Office After A Second Term If Prison Awaits? Experts Fear He Won’t.
Mass. guarantees workers up to 26 weeks of paid medical leave. But many don’t know that.
Extreme Weather Is Coming. Someone Has to Tell the Chimps.
Records: No Indication That Warning Sirens Sounded Before Deadly Maui Wildfires Overtook Town
Raid of Small Kansas Newspaper Raises Free Press Concerns
DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan Could Gut USPS. He Doesn’t Want You to Know the Details.
Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump’s team is behind voting system breach
Illegal raids contribute to death of newspaper co-owner
Arkansas education department nixes AP African American Studies course at last minute
Lahaina residents worry a rebuilt Maui town could slip into the hands of affluent outsiders

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