Links 7/31/23

Links for you. Science:

Additional Analysis of Demographic-Specific NIH Funding Rates (“Removing only 80% of the current advantage for white PIs, 100% of which everyone apparently finds to be totally acceptable, would fund ALL of the Black PIs.”)
The Removal of Airborne Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and Other Microbial Bioaerosols by Air Filtration on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Surge Units
Separating signal from noise in wastewater data: An algorithm to identify community-level COVID-19 surges in real time
Human respiratory neurotropic coronaviruses: an ambiguous relationship between neurovirulence and protein cleavage (in French; article from 2016 describes how coronaviruses can infect the brain and nervous system)
Leggy new star discovered four inches under Los Angeles: the thread millipede. As long as a paperclip and as thin as pencil lead, Illacme socal is no ordinary SoCal denizen – it uses 486 legs to walk wherever it goes
Scientists woke up a 46,000-year-old roundworm from Siberian permafrost


I read the entire Slack archive about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. There is no evidence of improper behavior. (very clear; must-read)
Author Who Debunked RFK Jr. A Decade Ago Thinks His Candidacy Is ‘Pretty Depressing’: “Describing his views as ‘controversial,’ I think, is dishonest,” author Seth Mnookin said of the long-shot Democratic presidential hopeful. (excellent, must-read)
Behind the Right’s Frenzied Defense of Florida’s Slavery Curriculum
Elon Musk has replaced Twitter with X — and an actual business with science fiction
Pretending Not To Notice Lots Of Things
The Double Bind of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie
Harrison Smith Likens Prosecution Of Charlottesville Tiki Torch Marchers To Nazi Persecution Of Jews
While the Planet Burns: Billionaires Are Busy Hunkering Down for the Apocalypse
Most of Florida work group did not agree with controversial parts of state’s new standards for Black history, members say: “Most of us did not want that language,” one work group member said.
How Stan Lee Became the Face of an Exploitative Industry
The Triliteral Commission: What is the purpose of a university? You could Google it, you know.
Other Countries Know Housing Is a Human Right. Why Doesn’t America?
More Than $150,000 of Trumper and Big Business Money Hits City Council Races. The Two Beneficiaries: Rob Saka and Maritza Rivera
The Teamsters’ Proposed Agreement With UPS Is a Great Victory by and for the Workers
In-N-Out and Other California Workplaces Can’t Prevent Employees From Wearing Masks, Regulators Say
Reluctant to retire, leaders raise a tough question: How old is too old?
An Internet Veteran’s Guide to Not Being Scared of Technology. Mike Masnick, who founded Techdirt in 1998, writes for an influential audience of lawmakers, C.E.O.s and activists. Somehow, he’s still an optimist about the promise of technology.
Why We Know So Little About The U.S. ‘Union-Busting’ Industry
Twitter under fire for reinstating account that posted child sex abuse
Ron DeSantis and the State Where History Goes to Die
A.I.: A Hollywood Odyssey
How right-wing news powers the ‘gold IRA’ industry. Ads for gold coins have become a mainstay on Fox News, Newsmax and other conservative outlets, even as regulators have accused some companies of defrauding elderly clients.
Our so-called liberal media covers up the right’s racism and growing homophobia
Hollywood’s Billion Dollar Math War
No, Justice Alito. Congress should not butt out on Supreme Court ethics.
The Mysterious Dark Money Group Connecting Trump, Christie, and DeSantis

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