Links 7/27/23

Links for you. Science:

Analysis of a super-transmission of SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant BA.5.2 in the outdoor night market
Experts say ‘cocaine sharks’ may be feasting on drugs dumped off Florida
How California’s weather catastrophe turned into a miracle
3 Dead in Listeria Outbreak in Washington State
Researchers peer into the twilight zone and discover…even more human-produced trash!
Where do deep-sea creatures live? Where they won’t dissolve


USC Basketball: How A COVID-19 Infection Could Have Impacted Bronny James’ Heart: An uncomfortable truth about a still-circulating airborne virus.
The Kids Online Safety Act is Still A Huge Danger to Our Rights Online
Bronny James suffers a cardiac arrest, and Elon Musk amplifies the antivax “died suddenly” conspiracy. LeBron James’ son Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest. Unsurprisingly, antivaxxers claimed it was COVID-19 vaccines. Worse, Elon Musk agreed. Sadly, the “died suddenly” lie lives on.
Fox News staffer: “It is hard to talk about the Holocaust and rising anti semitism without discussing Jewish presence in banking”
Nudity, stunts and cost: Why self-taped auditions are a lightning rod in the actors’ strike
Movie review: It’s ‘Barbie,’ but the right-wing freakout is very much about Ken
D.C. Offering Free Software Upgrades For Hyundai Owners At RFK Stadium This Week
Roger Ailes’ widow condemns the ‘industrialized devil worship’ going on at Fox News (the attacks are from even farther right…)
How the Ultrawealthy Use Private Foundations to Bank Millions in Tax Deductions While Giving the Public Little in Return
The demise of academic freedom in Texas
Elon Musk has replaced Twitter with X — and an actual business with science fiction
As Actors Strike for AI Protections, Netflix Lists $900,000 AI Job
What 8 left-leaning columnists think about Biden’s 2024 campaign so far
Did a New York Court Just Hand Democrats Control of Congress in 2024?
Doctors who put lives at risk with covid misinformation rarely punished
‘Focus relentlessly on under 25’: Leaked chats reveal influential gender-critical group’s plan to use children to push for bans on transitioning
The left needs to win, not duck, the immigration debate
Congratulations, Frank!
A fixer-upper in Georgetown is on sale for $50,000. It’s a wall.
More than 2,000 readers voted: Here’s why they agree with businesses requiring masks
Public libraries are the latest front in culture war battle over books
How To Reduce Inflation And Create A Good Economy
Striking new data about young voters should alarm Trump and the GOP
Some Of D.C.’s Most Historic Documents Could Soon Get A New Home
Why are Republicans so afraid of confronting America’s racial past?
Former Apollo Chief Leon Black Has More Jeffrey Epstein ‘Splaining To Do with Tax Evasion, Alleged Rape of Autistic 16 Year Old

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