The Crisis of Masculinity Within the Republican Party

With the crisis of masculinity having been a HAWT TOPIC in the Discourse last week, it struck me as unintentionally absurd to come across this Kaitlan Collins summary of an interview with Republican Governor Brian Kemp:

Trump pressured him to overturn the election, call a special session (even though he couldn’t), said he was ashamed he’d ever endorsed him and blasted him as “hapless.” But Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says he’ll still work to get the GOP nominee elected, even if it’s Trump.

It doesn’t seem very masculine to willingly knuckle under to a guy who did all of that to you, but I’m a middle aged guy sliding towards cultural obsolescence, so what do I know?

If former governor and Republican presidential primary candidate Chris Christie has one entertaining value (can’t really call it a redeeming virtue, since there’s no balm in Gilead to heal that sin sick soul), it is that he refuses to genuflect before Trump who repeatedly humiliated Christie and then nearly killed him by infecting him with COVID (during a debate prep session, Trump knew he had COVID and didn’t tell Christie, leading to Christie’s infection).

The Crisis of Masculinity, indeed.

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