Links 7/17/23

Links for you. Science:

Undue publicity for flawed fraud detector
The Drowning of Doggerland
The Great American Shark Slaughter
Zoo outbreak highlights human-to-animal COVID-19 risk
The distribution of antimicrobial resistance genes across phylogroup, host species and geography in 16,000 publicly-available E. coli genomes
Individual bat virome analysis reveals co-infection and spillover among bats and virus zoonotic potential


Everything We’re Doing Is Not Enough: We can win all of these strikes and still lose the class war. Unless…
Smithsonian abruptly cancels Asian American literary festival (this really seems like some kind of censorship)
I’m tired of my Senate colleague threatening national security
Mississippi man charged with threats to Philly-area synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses
Superbugs, antibiotic resistance get renewed scrutiny in Congress
We fixed I-95 in 12 days. Here are our lessons for U.S. infrastructure.
RFK Jr.’s Legacy of Inflicting Severe Damage on Black Communities
What is skiplagging? All about the travel hack airlines hate.
The Midterms Weren’t as Abnormal as We’d Thought
How a Saudi firm tapped a gusher of water in drought-stricken Arizona
Why Crack Became the 1980s ‘Superdrug’
As pandemic raged, global south lacked vaccines. Never again, researchers vow.
Crushing medical debt is turning Americans against their doctors
Personal debts said to scuttle nomination of Biden’s acting cyber director
Domestic Violence Hotline Reports 99% Increase in Calls Post-Roe
The Minnesota Trifecta
Today’s Class War Is the 1 Percent Versus the People Just Below Them
Advances in Medicine
The Most Shocking Aspect of RFK Jr.’s Anti-Semitism
As bans on transgender care for minors grow, a migration of sorts is underway
Big Tech Is Watching You as You Drive
Kathleen Parker Normalizes Extremism for the Washington Post
In ‘warfare against renters,’ homeowners fight affordable housing push (one of the NIMBY leaders has lived in his house for only five years…)
Diversify or die: San Francisco’s downtown is a wake-up call for other cities
Merchandizing the Void

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