Links 7/18/23

Links for you. Science:

Additive effects of booster mRNA vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection on T cell immunity across immunocompromised states
Omicron subvariant BA.5 efficiently infects lung cells
The Tantalizing, Lonely Search for Alien Life
Missing Wings on an ‘Alien’ Beetle Pose an Evolutionary Mystery
How sea cows survived in the Arctic
E. coli is one of the most widely studied organisms – and that may be a problem for both science and medicine (at the same time, the actual ecology of E. coli is woefully understudied…)


Trump and Allies Forge Plans to Increase Presidential Power in 2025. The former president and his backers aim to strengthen the power of the White House and limit the independence of federal agencies. (this is really bad)
In-N-Out Burger’s New Masking Policy Threatens Their Employees’ Health
Billionaires aren’t okay — for their mental health, time to drastically raise their taxes
The CBGB Theory: Weirdos Not Bros Will Revive Downtown
This Is the Time for Quixotic, Corrosive Campaigns? Seriously?
The MAGA persecution complex is eating itself to death
The AI boom is screwing over Gen Z
Treat Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Campaign as the Dangerous Joke That It Is
Neo-Nazis Surged Into Central Florida And Found A Tough-Talking Sheriff Who’s Determined To Take Them Down (“…there were a lot of reasons that Nazis rose to power, but one reason they rose to power was my profession…Because if they didn’t corrupt the police, if somebody would’ve stood up, it just made things easier when the police laid down.”)
Republicans are advancing changes to price transparency rules for the airline industry. The under-the-radar provision has House Democrats scrambling before a floor vote.
Bus stops and playgrounds are too damn hot. How city design falls short to address the human experience of heat.
Charles Barkley Destroys Critics of Bud Light: They’re ‘Rednecks’ and ‘A**holes’
Real Genius
GOP donors fuel RFK Jr’s presidential campaign
‘Kids trying to live’: A novel study in Brooklyn explores why teens are carrying guns
The New Right’s Theory of Power is Insane
How Harlan Crow Slashed his Tax Bill by Taking Clarence Thomas on Superyacht Cruises
Arizona’s Been Letting a Saudi Company Grow Alfalfa for Saudi Cows In the Midst of a Megadrought
How a Combination of Covid Lawsuits and Media Coverage Keeps Misinformation Churning
Anatomy of an intervention
How long will the last Intel Macs be supported? macOS Sonoma gives us some hints
Doctors call for return of face mask guidance
The Climate Denialist Think Tank That Might Produce the Next FTC Commissioner
Trump Really Let His Freak Flag Fly at the Turning Point USA Conference
Mississippi Attorney General Wants Info On Out-of-State Abortions, Gender-Affirming Care
The Guys Behind “Sound of Freedom” are Putting Children at Risk

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