Links 7/17/12

Links for you. Science:

How Placebo’s Evil Twin Makes You Sicker
Arctic Biologist Shares Astonishing Sea Creatures With the World
Life in the Fast Lane: HIV and Meth (also affects gonorrhea rates)
Are Warnings About the Side Effects of Drugs Making Us Sick?
Open access means a bright future for scientific research: Free access to British scientific research will give us more and cost us less than we realise


Examining Principal Turnover (makes a key point–prinicipals really matter)
US government is undermining its own people
Texas’ poll tax in disguise: A law requiring a photo ID to vote attacks a key achievement of the civil rights era.
Camden, city of ruins: Depressing images of once-thriving metropolis reduced to decaying, crime-ridden rubble
Is Marriage Just for the Middle Class These Days?
Why Is a National Review Writer Calling Immigrants ‘Wetbacks’?
Man Sets Himself on Fire During Tel Aviv March
The Paris Time Capsule Apartment
Just Because You Don’t Like a Study Doesn’t Mean It Is Wrong (actually, it’s about reading the study in the first place)
A New Way to Recharge the Economy
Another Reason to Avoid Absentee Voting: CA City Officials Plead Guilty to Absentee Election Fraud
Will Porn Stars Get the Shaft From Obamacare?
On The Curious Persistence Of Inflationary Obsession
Democrats Mock GOP For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote
Before Anyone Complained About the Air-Conditioning, an Idea

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