Links 7/11/23

Links for you. Science:

Anxiety And Depression Are Associated With Limbic Atrophy And Severe Disruption Of Brain Functional Connectivity After Mild COVID-19 Infection (S21.007)
The Analysis of 607 Volunteers Shows a Reduction of Workability in Individuals With LONG-COVID Syndrome Associated With Neuropsychiatric Symptoms (P5-10.004)
Real-time environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 aerosols
Hospital admissions linked to SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adolescents: cohort study of 3.2 million first ascertained infections in England (because of, not with…)
Exchange of Carbapenem-Resistant Escherichia coli Sequence Type 38 Intercontinentally and among Wild Bird, Human, and Environmental Niches
Genomic Epidemiology of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Transmission Among University Students in Western Pennsylvania


Men are lost. Here’s a map out of the wilderness.
MAGA: Rage, Joy, Cruelty, Boxes
The Fourteenth Amendment
FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE PRO-LGBTQ RETAILERS (a major divide in the Democratic Party is between those who see Republicans as an existential threat and those who don’t)
Time, money, tax breaks. What Boston can learn about creating a downtown that never sleeps.
When Doctors Have Different Standards of Evidence for the Virus and the Vaccine
Of Course There Is The Nazi Problem
Series Of D.C. Council Bills Aim To Get Dangerous Drivers Off The Roads Faster
Killing Twitter
“Don’t Say Gay” Florida Republican Accused of Sexually Harassing Two Male Staffers
87% Missing: the Disappearance of Classic Video Games
Seven Reactions to Biden v. Nebraska
A housing boom in one area of Honduras, rooted in migration to the U.S., is being fueled by drug sales in San Francisco
Long Covid forces Harpenden businessman into early retirement
Fascist Economics Don’t Work: How to run a state into the ground while bragging about it.
Here’s where you can still find COVID risk data before setting off on summer travels
Religious right gets blindsided by angry parents in a Southern California school district
GQ pulls article slamming Warner Bros. Discovery CEO Zaslav after complaint
The importance of staying angry at the Supreme Court: The way to beat a partisan Supreme Court is to hold a grudge against it for a really long time.
David Zaslav kills everything he touches, including GQ
What Do Bidenomics and the President’s Grandchild Have to Do with Each Other? Everything.
Covid’s lingering effects (I don’t think this explains Cothom, but it does explain some bizarre behaviors)
Eric Adams Called Me a Plantation Owner for Defending Tenants
Justice Samuel Alito IS the Salmon
Bill Ackman is shocked that people think he’s antivax: Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman wonders why people are calling him antivax. All he did was to defend RFK Jr. and amplify old antivax tropes on Twitter. (what makes this so delightful is Orac repeats that he had no idea who Ackman was until Ackman started to pester him, which must piss Ackman to no end)
‘Moms for Liberty’ Are Neo-Nazis With Wigs and Lipstick

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