Links 7/9/23

Links for you. Science:

Multistate Outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to a National Fast-Food Chain — United States, 2022
Two more malaria cases confirmed in Sarasota County
A.I. Is Coming for Mathematics, Too
What happened to the world’s first certified sustainable shark fishery?
A mid-Cambrian tunicate and the deep origin of the ascidiacean body plan
Similar to humans, elephants vary what they eat for dinner


The Long and Court of It (what Beutler misses is that I don’t think Biden views the Republican Party as an existential threat; if he did, he would be behaving very differently)
Long Overdue Book Returned To Massachusetts Library 119 Years Later
The imperative for regulatory oversight of large language models (or generative AI) in healthcare
Disinformation researchers under investigation: what’s happening and why: US researchers have spent years studying how conspiracy theories spread. Now they are accused of helping to suppress conservative opinions.
Orthodox Men Dominate Mayor Adams’s New Jewish Advisory Council. A majority of the advisers are Orthodox and only a quarter are women, drawing criticism from Jewish leaders including Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York.
UK doctors demand re-introduction of infectious disease controls
Aaaaaannd – They’re Gone!
How an AI-written Star Wars story created chaos at Gizmodo
Luca Beckenbauer: Franz Beckenbauer’s grandson gives up his dream of a professional career because of Long Covid
Threads backtracks flagging right-wing users for spreading disinformation. Regardless, right-wing Twitter users already hate Threads.
Sacramento Sheriff is sharing license plate reader data with anti-abortion states, records show
Far-right figures, including Nazi supporters, anti-gay extremists, and white supremacists, are flocking to Threads
Philly Mass Shooter Was a Pro-Gun Tucker Carlson Fan, But Conservatives Are Blaming Trans People (Again)
That Will Age Badly (lol)
Boston May Have Cracked The Code On Universal Pre-K. When it comes to setting kids up with lifelong skills, early childhood programs have shown mixed results. Has Boston found the recipe for success?
Every Time
Tesla owners are using steering-wheel weights to drive hands-free
Death of an Economic Theory: The notion that public investment crowds out private spending has taken a beating lately.
Last days at the Cortina: Homeless left adrift as covid-era housing ends
The Private Equity Takeover of Hospice Care
Long before Barbie got a movie, she was a star at this D.C. pond (the Q Street Barbies!)
Wisconsin’s Governor Is Teaching a Master Class on How to Outmaneuver the GOP
The dirty truth about a clean park shows how D.C. fails the homeless
Henry Kissinger, Elliott Abrams, and the Rot of American Foreign Policy
The Endless Cycle of Social Media
The Pendulum of Queer History
The Simple Mistake That Almost Triggered a Recession

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