Links 7/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Effects of Corsi-Rosenthal boxes on indoor air contaminants: non-targeted analysis using high resolution mass spectrometry
Researchers create test to detect SARS-CoV-2 in any animal species
Swift and extensive Omicron outbreak in China after sudden exit from ‘zero-COVID’ policy
Diet Coke Probably Isn’t Giving You Cancer
Stressed rattlesnakes found to calm down in the company of a nearby ‘friend’
I’m a physicist. Last week’s gravitational waves announcement sent me reeling.


The Rich Are Crazier Than You and Me (excellent, must-read)
Losing grandparents to COVID may be increasing youth violence
What the F*ck Is the Deal With That Ronald DeSantis Campaign Ad?
You can’t post ass, Threads is doomed: Instagram’s puritanical guidelines will keep Threads from truly replacing Twitter.
A Georgia teacher’s plight exposes the essence of anti-woke MAGA fury
‘I don’t want to become San Francisco’: Urban woes spur state action on housing
With soaring Metro, DC Streetcar, and VRE ridership, Washington region leads transit recovery in US
Most of $60M in Youngkin’s learning recovery grants went to to higher income households
This GWU Dorm Could Become A Shelter For The Medically Vulnerable
Is The Police’s Right Wing Bias A Problem For Them?
The algorithmic anti-culture of scale
The Most Baffling Argument a Supreme Court Justice Has Ever Made: An opinion from Justice Clarence Thomas exposed the limits of originalism.
The Pandemic Has Faded From View. But Many Educators Still Have Long COVID
Is Bluesky Billionaire-Proof? Here are some answers about the new social media network Bluesky that you don’t need an invite to see.
No One Can Stop Talking About Justice John Marshall Harlan
Youngkin officials quietly pull LGBTQ+ youth resources offline: Youngkin’s administration has at least three times in the past year and a half removed information from the website without consulting its own subject-matter experts
How I Accidentally Ruined Bluesky With Pictures of Sexy Alf
The unconscionable move many hospitals are making
The Supreme Court’s lawless, completely partisan student loans decision, explained
Should This Be Back-to-School Wear? Health-care workers are warning a lack of masking could lead to a new COVID wave come fall.
COVID-19 long-hauler now on long-term disability warns others about the ‘invisible disease’
CDC to Reduce Funding for States’ Child Vaccination Programs (but it was a Very Serious Budget Compromise!)
“The Devil Can Cite Scripture for His Purpose”
Putin’s Post-Prigozhin Clean Up. Despite Western media assertions that the half-coup heard round the world was a sign of instability, my sources around Moscow and the Kremlin tell me that Putin is once again in full control. But questions linger about a future purge and missed warning signs.
How Ron DeSantis Turned Covid Denialism Into a Major Political Weapon
RSV – A Serious Health Threat That the Public Knows Little About

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