Just a Minor Existential Threat

With all of the Republican post-mortems regarding the 2022 election, it’s still amazing they don’t recognize the elephant in the room (SWIDT?): White Christian supremacy. Which brings us to this election day poll of American Jews (boldface mine):

The Election Night poll, conducted by GBAO and commissioned by the pro-Israel, pro-peace advocacy group J Street, found that Jewish voters supported Democrats over Republicans 74-25, a 49-point margin. 55 percent of Jewish voters cited “the state of democracy” as their top voting issue, while 40 percent cited abortion. A striking 76 percent said that they believe Donald Trump and his allies in the Republican Party are responsible for a rise in antisemitism and white supremacy – while 74 percent believe that Trump and the MAGA movement are “a threat to Jews in America.”

When you look at the crosstabs, the percentage of Jews who view Trump and MAGA as responsible for a rise in antisemitism and white supremacy who voted Democratic is off the charts.

I’ve long believed that no group that chooses one party at such high frequencies (e.g., Jews, Blacks) is voting based on economic policy. This kind of support only exists when there is a belief that a loss to the other party would be an existential threat, and I would be shocked in similar questions to Black people wouldn’t yield similar results (or LBGTQ people, or feminists, or…). The reality that Republicans must face is that a significant fraction of the American electorate views them as a threat (note the example here, Jews, are a very small part of the electorate). We’re well past ‘well, that would be bad for policy’, and at ‘when does the pogrom begin’ level of threat. You can’t win people back very easily, if ever, from that position.

Considering how many Republicans talk about Democrats, such as calling them pedophiles, one would think they would understand this (one would be wrong). Republicans have a much deeper problem than Trump–and appointing a congressman who plays footsie with anti-Semitism as a high ranking member of the House leadership doesn’t help.

Then again, bigotry is nothing new for these assholes (and even Jewish Republicans know it), so they deserve whatever hell they catch.

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