Links 6/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Student close contact behavior and COVID-19 transmission in China’s classrooms
Long COVID: The impact on language and cognition
LED lights are meant to save energy. They’re creating glaring problems
In a Tipster’s Note, a View of Science Publishing’s Achilles Heel
‘Beyond extreme’ ocean heat wave in North Atlantic is worst in 170 years
Hidden beneath the surface: Digging deep into a humble lake in Canada, scientists found a spot on Earth like no other — and a record that could redefine our history of the planet


The Country’s Most Unpleasant Moms Will Not Be Cowed By People Pointing Out The Big Hitler Quote On Their Newsletter
Joe Rogan wants a ‘debate’ on vaccines. That’s just the problem.
CDC: Research Says Long Covid “Contributing” to Labor Shortage
D.C. Votes To Approve New ‘Anti-Racist’ Social Studies Standards
RFK Jr.: Bannon Chaos Candidate Born on Third Base and Now Playing Left Field
Joe Rogan, RFK Jr. don’t get it: Vaccine science isn’t up for debate
A storefront for robots: The SEO arms race has left Google and the web drowning in garbage text, with customers and businesses flailing to find each other.
Steve Kirsch and Brandolini’s law: The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.
Coming Out Late — and Finding a New Life in Midlife
Why Some Americans Buy Guns
Kyrsten Sinema Moves to Slash Pilot Training After Taking Airline Cash
The lab leak hypothesis continues to look pretty far-fetched
Treat Alito Like The Hack He Is: Supreme Court justices who use third-rate P.R. ploys should be treated like any other power-hungry partisan.
In Ron DeSantis’ Free State Of Florida, His Ear Has A Steep Cost
Conservatives Aren’t Serious About Empowering the Working Class
With long Red Line waits, seats intended as art at Downtown Crossing can be a pain in the rear
Iowa meteorologist quitting TV, cites PTSD from death threat over climate change coverage
Why the RFK Jr., Rogan, Musk Outrage Machine Doesn’t Bother Big Pharma
Long Covid in Santa Barbara: A Medical and Financial Time Bomb
In Delaware, Corporations Are Dangerously Close to Acquiring the Right to Vote
Texas farmers are worried one of the state’s most precious water resources is running dry. You should be, too.
The race to extract an Indigenous language from its last lucid speaker
Your New Car Is Watching You And Collecting Your Data
Gov. Ron DeSantis used secretive panel to flip state Supreme Court: Leonard Leo, the key architect of the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority, led the advisers who helped DeSantis reshape the state court
The Death of “Deliverism”: Economic policy success isn’t enough. We need a more holistic approach to addressing people’s fears and anxieties. (not sure what should be done with this prescription though)
Sheldon Whitehouse was right all along: The Supreme Court is corrupt

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