Links 5/22/23

Links for you. Science:

Coinfections in the lung: How viral infection creates a favorable environment for bacterial and fungal infections
Disrupted seasonality and association of COVID-19 with medically attended respiratory syncytial virus infections among young children in the US: January 2010–January 2023
This Spider Is Imperfect, and That May Be the Secret of Its Survival
Mastodon bones unearthed by Michigan work crew go on display in museum
Quick, Everyone Play Dead!
As The Potomac Gets Cleaner, Sprawl And Climate Change Threaten Progress


Why The Pedophile Who Led The GOP Is Relevant
Why Even The Most Progressive Cities Are Failing Their Car-Free Residents
Outdoor Dining Must Not Interfere With NYC’s Historic Parking Spots
Feinstein and Lear
Shakespeare Was Shakespeare
The Access Journalism–House Republican Mind Meld
Not Like Fine Wine
When a Shitposter Runs a Social Media Platform
Dodgers Cave To Culture War Crank And Senator From Other Side Of Country, Disinvite Venerable Charity Group From Pride Night
We Don’t Have to Accept Antisocial Gun Behavior Just Because the Guy Says It’s a Political Protest
Who Is Leonard Leo’s Mysterious Dark Money King?
How to save the news from Big Tech
Tax abatements aren’t the answer to revive downtown D.C. (tax abatements for grocery stores and hardware stores would help though, along with slowing car traffic)
Russian Man Indicted For Hacking D.C. Police Computers And Stealing Files
‘I Had A Duty To Yell At Them’: Meet The Bikeshare-Riding D.C. Resident Who Brutally Mocked White Supremacists
A Russian Computer Breached Metro’s Computer System, Report Finds
Cops say they’re being poisoned by fentanyl. Experts say the risk is ‘extremely low’
The Movement to Stop Dollar Stores From Suffocating Black Communities
DeSantis’s book banners face a tough new foe: Angry moms with lawyers
Etsy promised shopping with a soul. Then the scammers came.
Large U.S. cities regain population lost during pandemic, census data shows (so cities aren’t dying I guess…)
Biden Must Consider All The Laws—Not Just The Debt-Ceiling—As ‘X Date’ Approaches
Denials of health-insurance claims are rising — and getting weirder
Why Dianne Feinstein Shouldn’t Quit (cynical, but then again, she didn’t have to run again at the age of 85)

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