Links 5/18/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists criticise Nasa for scaling back mission to explore beyond Pluto
CDC sets first target for indoor air ventilation to prevent spread of Covid-19
Canadian ‘Super Pigs’ Threaten Minnesota. How Will the State Respond?
9 of 10 long-COVID patients in study report slow recovery over 2 years
Widely used chemical strongly linked to Parkinson’s disease
For Patient Safety, It Is Not Time to Take Off Masks in Health Care Settings


SAG ACTORS: I want to talk about AI and how it will affect you. I’m a former SAG Board Member and former SAG Negotiating Committee member. I’m also WGA and DGA. (Justine Bateman)
Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign is a campaign to finish what he started on January 6…no one should have any illusions about this. (don’t usually post video, but this is short and absolutely on-target)
Why Is Biden Scared of the Most Logical Solution to Debt Ceiling Insanity? To avoid a default crisis, the president should combine the power of the Constitution with a touch of Dark Brandon.
Mass killings leave Americans fearful, numb and wondering: Am I next?
Twelve Years of Being the Most Responsible Guy in the Room
To fight teacher shortages, states send people to college for free
The Judicial Deus Ex Machina Debt Ceiling Option
A problem for the housing market: People won’t quit their cheap mortgages
As pandemic declaration ends, experts urge continued vigilance on what may come next
Twitter could delete dormant profiles. Here’s how to save them.
Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and exposing the lie about a feud that never existed
‘Iron Man’ rescued superhero movies. Ultimately, it wrecked them.
Power Shift: In less than a decade, the state’s electric grid must dramatically transform. It won’t be easy.
End of a love affair: AM radio is being removed from many cars
Ben Shapiro Slammed For Denying Bernie Sanders’ Jewishness
An influencer’s AI clone will be your girlfriend for $1 a minute
How A Violent Crime Wave Is Shaping Philadelphia’s Mayoral Race
25 years later, America still loves ‘Seinfeld’ but some hate how it ended
Clarence Thomas, Harlan Crow And The Original Meaning Of Corruption
As nation moves on from COVID-19, it can’t leave long haulers behind
How to Raise $89 Million in Small Donations — And Make It Disappear
Judgment Day Has Arrived for the Journalism Business
What Bluesky Tells Us About the Future of Social Media
Pronouns matter, and the entire Supreme Court just proved it
The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse
COVID causing long-term health problems for many young people: “I felt so defeated”

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  1. Ten Bears says:

    Seinfeld was without a doubt the worst television ever broadcast. I count it, like social media, as among the straws that broke the back of the camel that brought us here.

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