No Jews Allowed in Judeo-Christian

From the not-so-Great State of Montana:

The Montana Jewish Project asked Speaker of the House Matt Regier this week if he could help the nonprofit understand the reason Rep. Ed Stafman, a rabbi, was denied the opportunity to lead prayer at the end of the legislative session…

Stafman had planned to offer a prayer based on passages from the book of Isaiah that discuss justice. He said the body had been praying together for nearly 90 days at that point, and it made him think of the intense prayer of Yom Kippur…

Stafman said he learned he wasn’t going to have the opportunity to offer the prayer the Monday he had been scheduled to give it, and the legislator who coordinates the invocation didn’t explain the reason, but he said “obviously it had come from leadership.”

Overwhelmingly, the prayers offered all session “had very, very Christian bents,” in the tradition of “high Christology,” he said. “The great majority of them are offered in Jesus’ name, for example.”

He hasn’t experienced antisemitism directly at the Capitol, but he said it manifests at least in the way legislation is treated, for example.

…Jeff Laszloffy of the Montana Family Foundation testified against the bill, and Stafman said he compared bill supporters with Satanists: “He didn’t specifically call us Satanists, but that was the analogy he drew.”

“Two or three days later, there were fliers distributed in my neighborhood by a Nazi group that cited two Biblical verses from the Christian Bible that said Jews are Satanists, the children of Satan,” Stafman said.

According to the Montana Jewish Project, Rabbi Stafman has been bounced off the schedule multiple times.

While I think opening convocations are stupid, if not violations of the First Amendment, if a legislative body is going to have them, then they need to include all religions.

No Jews in Judeo-Christian I guess.

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