Links 5/11/23

Links for you. Science:

A Number System Invented by Inuit Schoolchildren Will Make Its Silicon Valley Debut
Researchers identify unique biomarker patterns identifying MIS-C and severe COVID in children
Bacterial defences: mechanisms, evolution and antimicrobial resistance
NIH study identifies features of Long COVID neurological symptoms
Clues to causes of long COVID
Masks Work. Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn’t: New mask studies relying on a medical paradigm do not erase decades of engineering and occupational science that show they work


Pamela Paul and PNAS Envy
The Only Good People Of America, Always Being Led Astray
What’s sauce for the Roe is sauce for the Heller. Don’t blubber about their hypocrisy, make them eat it
COVID-19 mortality spiked among white and rural populations in U.S. during Delta and Omicron waves (play stupid games, win stupid prizes; paper here)
US workers deserve a break. It’s time for a 32-hour working week
Can Africa Get Close to Vaccine Independence? Here’s What It Will Take.
Jonah Peretti Has Regrets About BuzzFeed News
Black Caucus presses Senate Dems to blow up tradition on judges
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Homecoming: Throughout the pandemic, the anti-vaccine activist raked in cash and cultivated right-wing allies. Now he’s running for president with a new support base.
More than half of Twitter Blue’s earliest subscribers are no longer subscribed
An Antwerp Apartment Captures the Spirit of the Belle Époque
It’s Okay To Murder People Who Annoy You
What they mean when they say “merit”
Backup Power: A Growing Need, if You Can Afford It
Rejecting my article violates my right to free speech
Tennessee Republicans Are Showing Exactly How Deep American Racism Goes
What the Country Refused to Learn From the Pandemic
Guest Post: ‘My Covid Brain’ (if you’re still masking, you’re not the weirdo)
As the pandemic winds down, anti-vaccine activists are building a legal network
Ginni Thomas payments mark a tipping point for the Supreme Court: Unfortunately that leaves us with only one option — and it is extremely unlikely
Tanked Biden pick highlights escalation of dark-money forces
RIP Metaverse: An obituary for the latest fad to join the tech graveyard
The Endgame of Court-Packing
What the Debt Limit Fight Is Actually About
Budget tensions emerge as D.C. Council prepares for vote
War, Weapons and Conspiracy Theories: Inside Airman Teixeira’s Online World

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