Links 5/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Repeated loss of ORF8 expression in circulating SARS-CoV-2 lineages
Inside the fight to save a beleaguered butterfly
The Computer Scientist Peering Inside AI’s Black Boxes
COVID-19 Surveillance After Expiration of the Public Health Emergency Declaration ― United States, May 11, 2023
The Epidemiology of Long Coronavirus Disease in US Adults
The Last Mile Problem—Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccine Coverage Among the Most Socially Vulnerable


Horrifying stories of women chased down by the LAPD abortion squad before Roe vs. Wade
What Conservatives Can’t Say About Clarence Thomas
Are Police In San Francisco Too Lazy To Work, Too Scared, Or Just Incompetent
‘We have no moat’: Big tech prepares to lose AI race to open-source
Bing Is a Trap: Tech companies say AI will expand the possibilities of searching the internet. So far, the opposite seems to be true.
Why free street parking could be costing you hundreds more in rent
When the hate comes home: It’s not just an act with Tucker Carlson and Steven Crowder
Clyburn Is 82
Watch a Moose Walk into an Alaskan Movie Theater, Eat Popcorn, and Leave
D.C. Council Looks To Increase Funding For Emergency Rental Assistance And Vouchers
Want More Jobs? Raise the Minimum Wage
E. Jean Carroll’s Quest for Justice and the Carnage of Donald Trump’s Misogyny
How Democrats can get SCOTUS in line—without the Judiciary Committee
The Future of Global Health Has Rarely Looked Grimmer
How Rep. James Clyburn Protected His District at a Cost to Black Democrats
Making People Uncomfortable Can Now Get You Killed
Doing Whatever It Takes on Debt
Enrique Tarrio was not just a random seditionist
The Feinstein situation
Technology Is Making Vigilantism Easier Than Ever
Same old, same fold?
Cents or sensibilities
The Killing of Jordan Neely In The Shadow of The Rent Guidelines Board
Trump better beware! Proud Boys guilty verdict shows America wants Jan. 6 ringleaders to pay
‘I Was Always in Awe Seeing Him Dance’
An Iowa mayor rejected Pride Month. LGBTQ+ residents changed his mind.

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