Democrats Should Censure Trump

There are people who are far smarter than I am opining about the implications of a New York jury finding Trump culpable of sexual assault in a civil case. But seeing the Republican reaction to the verdict makes it clear that this is a perfect opportunity to make Republicans eat a shit sandwich by proposing censure motions (both in the House and Senate). Either Republicans will be dinged with supporting a rapist or they will piss off their MAGA CHUD base. Let’s see how supposed ‘moderate’ Republican Nancy Mace would handle this.

This wouldn’t change many Republican voters’ minds, but it would remind normies how horrible Trump is–and more importantly, who enabled him.

Of course, professional Democrats believe performative politics is beneath them, so they won’t do this.

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2 Responses to Democrats Should Censure Trump

  1. Rugosa says:

    It would be like the impeachments, an indelible record of Republican support for an unworthy president.

    • John says:

      I’m sorry to say that it would have a similar effect: essentially none.

      Right now, I can think of only one thing that might have effect: primarying the enablers and saboteurs. Name the party that put investigating, solving, and attaching infamy to the attack on Congress and its election vote-count at number-one priority?

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